Name:      Andrew Everett

Nick Name:      "The Apex of  Agility"
                           "The Epitome of Aerial Perfection"
                           "The High Flyer of Your Desire"

Birthday:      July 9, 1992

Trained by:     Jeff Rudd - CWF Dojo

Debut:        10/13/2007 (Full time) Chiva Kid
                   12/28/2002 (Part time)  Kid Kazi
                   Wrestled first televised match at 12 years old.

Previous Gimmicks:        Kid Kazi
                                        Chiva Kid
                                        Las Chivas #4
                                        Andrew Everett Cross

Finishing Moves:         450 Press
                                    Toe Touch Moonsault
                                    Shooting Star Press
                                    Double Rotation Moonsault
                                     630 Senton   

Favorite Moves:         Flipping Drop Kick
                                  Springboard Anything
                                  Frankensteiner From Anywhere
                                  Shooting Star Plancha
                                  No Hands Diving Tiger Sault

Titles Held:     

                  1x IMPACT Wrestling World Tag Team Champion  

                        3 x PWI International Ultra J Championship

                                    (junior heavyweight division)
                        1 x CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champion
                        1 x TCW Tag Team Champion
                        1 x CWF - RGL Champion (rookie division)

                        1 x PWF United Tag Team Champion

                        1 x PWG World Tag Team Champion

                        1 x RPW British Cruiserweight Champion

                        1 x SWE (UK) Speed King Champion

                        2015 PWG - DDT4  Winner with Trevor Lee

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